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  1. During which week in August should the Overtones take their annual OBX trip?
  2. Do You Like Our Site?
  3. Do you agree with this step?
  4. Domaine Omnibus: départageons les ex-aequo.
  5. Do you want the server to be restarted?
  6. Dia para la cena de Feria de Portel
  7. Do You Like RadioLanD?
  8. Do you think Rachel should be put down because of her gammy leg?
  9. Do you like having the food trucks on Chatsworth Street on Wednesday and Friday nights?
  10. Do you invest in Fixed Maturity Plans?
  11. Donde está @sorprendeme?
  12. Did you apply for 2012 Olympics tickets?
  13. Do You Think Selena Is Using Justin For Publicity?
  14. Do you think Mike Leach was rightfully fired from Texas Tech?
  15. Do you use Cloud Computing?
  16. Do we need a new law to crack down on strikes as spending cuts start to bite?
  17. Do you think Donald Trump will end up running as an Independent in 2012?
  18. Do you have security concerns with Twitter?
  19. Did Clay Guida do enough against Anthony Pettis to earn a title shot?
  20. Does your instructor PC have Microsoft Office 2007 or greater?
  21. Do you perform some of your own maintenance on your motorcycle/trike?
  23. Did you know you can use drag and drop to backup individual files with RDX technology?
  24. Do consumer purchases identify political choice?
  25. Do you agree with President Obama’s statement that Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders?
  26. Do you like this Web-Site - A ju Pëlqen Web-Site ynë?
  27. Doriti sa mai adaug ceva cupa ?
  28. Do you think Josh McEachran is ready to play a more prominent role in the first team during the 2011/12 season?
  29. Does the winner of tonight’s Anthony Pettis vs. Clay Guida bout deserve a shot at the UFC lightweight title?
  30. Did Frank Mir show he’s still a serious contender for the heavyweight title with his performance against Roy Nelson at UFC 130?
  31. Do you have security concerns with Facebook?
  32. Do you feel trees in your neighborhood and local parks are being properly trimmed?
  33. Do you want to keep Wednesdays as a day off from sharing?
  34. Do you feel the conference is relevant and informative about the things you want feedback on?
  35. Do you still sun bathe?
  36. Do you want to have "Enverstar Powerplant" on the server list?
  37. Do you plan on staying in Winnipeg for the rest of your life?
  38. Do you live in an urban area?
  39. Do you play video games on the toilet?
  40. Did you ever think Rapture Day was the end of the world (even for a second)?
  41. Does Marketing Impact Consumers?
  42. Did you watch the Mavs Game 4 comeback to the end, or did you turn off the TV?
  43. Do you think recycling is important?
  44. Dari mana anda mengetahui forum Debat Islam Kristen ini?
  45. Do you have confidence in the ERA as a measure of the quality of research undertaken at Australian universities?
  46. Do you think it was right for Canada, during world war two, to put its Japanese residents in internment?
  47. Did eRepublik change your knowledge of real life Serbia's exact geographical position, and how? - COPY
  48. Do you think (not, do you hope) Gov. Sarah Palin will decide to get into the 2012 GOP Nomination race?
  49. Do you like our Tumblr theme/layout?
  50. Do you accept this proposed revision to the PMTA Bylaws?
  51. Do you get the support you need from news/station management?
  52. Duda vs Unikkatil
  53. Do you like the new GGAAYY.NET? - COPY
  54. Do you trust online polls?
  55. Do you welcome TuMa join our group?
  56. dove ci troviamo il 18 maggio? - COPY
  57. Do you believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life?
  58. Datoer for sommerfest i Stangkær
  59. Do you think the new Campus Recreation Center should have a guest policy?
  60. Do you believe that enhanced interrogation techniques (e.g. waterboarding) provided valuable intelligence that helped lead to the killing of Bin Laden?
  61. Do you use Cloud Computing?
  62. Do you think the Mayors new job is good for the city?
  63. Do you think the government should have made a greater effort to help farmers in the Great Depression?
  64. Do you think PM. W. L. Mackenzie Kings policy (showing little concern to the tragedy and took no immediate action) helped Canada to reform from the Great depression?
  65. Do you think Canada should have engaged in war with Germany just because Great Britian did?
  66. Did you find the explanation of monopoly economics, using the example of the coffee, in the Tuesday (May 10) NMC 320 class, confusing?
  67. Do you think Canada should've stayed neutral during the second World War ?
  68. De genomineerde voor de uwgeldonline.nl beste speler van FC Hilversum zijn:
  69. Do you think this site is better than the las one?
  70. Do you like the "new" look of our homepage?
  71. Do you believe that Harold Camping is a false prophet?
  72. Do you recycle on campus?
  73. Do you think paying money to the government in regards to Employment Insurance is better than receiving all your money when you make it?
  74. Does Jadun McCarthy winning Teacher of the Year change your opinion of Bibb County schools?
  75. Date - Team event - May 2011
  76. Di chi sono le maggiori responsabilità della sconfitta nei playoffs dei Los Angeles Lakers?
  77. Do you like Emilkac11?
  78. Do you believe Steven Seagal has had a real hand in the recent victories of Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida?
  79. Do you believe that Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy Seal Team Six as reported?
  80. Do you believe bin Laden is dead?
  81. Do you think clipping your cell phone to your steering wheel is a good idea?
  83. Do you think the government should have helped out with the great depression when ithad just begun?
  84. Do you have an ill child in your family?
  85. Do you want to continue with the alternate 3.30pm and 5.30/6.30pm start to PTA meetings?
  86. Do you really think Osama is DEAD!
  87. Dove volete mangiare di bello venerdì sera post riunione?
  88. Do you want a photographer for QE Park pictures?
  89. Do you feel safer now with Osama bin Laden dead?
  90. Do you think the death of Osama Bin Laden will decrease the threat of terrorism?
  91. Do you think Shintaro Goto will transform into Masked Rider Birth in the coming Episode 33?
  92. Do you like my new website design?
  93. Did you watch the royal wedding?
  94. Did you like this site?
  95. Does today's release of his birth certificate convince you that President Obama was born in this country?
  96. Do you sing in the shower?
  98. Do you think that compulsory microchipping is a good idea
  99. Destinare fondi comunali per finanziare il microcredito.
  100. Do you feel the oil companies are intentionally overcharging us at the gas pumps?
  101. Do you think there should have been a 12" version of Hooray! Hooray! Its A Holi-Holiday?
  102. During this year what is the likelyhood you will introduce a novice to marathon canoe or kayak? (A novice can be an inexperienced paddler or an experienced recreational paddler that has little or no marathon canoe or kayak experience.)
  103. Do you do anything differently to mark Earth Day?
  104. Do you think Paul McDonald should have been sent home last week on Idol?
  105. Did you watch the royal wedding?
  106. Do you think Loogootee Varsity Coach Mike Wagoner should be fired?
  107. Do you think Alabama as a.whole would benefit from a rewritten constitution?
  108. Do YOU think Miami Lakes Councilmembers should be able to sit as VOTING members on RESIDENT COMMITTEES?
  109. Do you have a weather radio?
  110. Do you feel that the Certified Professional Yacht Broker Program (CPYB) has had a significant positive effect on the overall reputation of yacht brokers?
  111. Dog Bone
  112. Dogs or Cats?
  113. Do you believe the rapture of the church will be before the tribulation, after the tribulation or during the tributlation?
  114. Deathstroke vs Black Widow
  115. Do the images on Epsilon (http://badwolfx.freehostia.com/epsilon/index.html) boards cover up the posting links for you?
  116. Does Georges St. Pierre need to finish Jake Shields inside of 25 minutes to keep hold of his top pound-for-pound ranking?
  117. Does He Deserve Another Chance?
  118. Do you like our new homepage design?
  119. Do you lock your car at night?
  120. Dein Lieblingssong aus dem Album Feuerengel?
  121. Do you like the site?
  122. Dein Lieblingssong aus dem Album Für alle Zeit?
  123. Do you think that Caymanians need to form a stronger alliance against development proposals that may negatively affect our environment, economy and lives as a nation?
  124. Do you use Facebook?
  125. Dr. Baciu Emanuel , MEDIC sau PRIMAR ?
  126. Do the email allegations against Senator Cecil Staton hurt his credibility?
  127. Do you have an ipod or MP3 player?
  128. Download jij media? (muziek, films, games etc.)
  129. Do you like the new single cover?
  130. Do you feel decreasing the number of bailiffs in Alabama courtrooms is a good way to cut costs?
  131. Do you think it is wrong to use marijuana
  132. Do you respect Richard Hoagland following his recent lecture?
  133. Do you support the nation of Israel?
  134. Do You Think Speaker Boehner Did a Good Job Negotiating the Budget Deal?
  135. Do You Support Speaker Boehners $38.5 Billion Budget Deal with Harry Reid?
  136. Do you like Will it Blend Show?
  137. DEM GIRLS....how do you feel about this song???
  138. Did you buy a 3DS?
  139. Did you buy a 3DS at launch?
  140. Do you favor upping the speed limit to 85 mph in some parts of the state?
  141. Do you believe the company that owned the Deepwater Horizon oil rig should have awarded "safety" bonuses?
  142. Do you think the state legislators should vote to repeal the huge pay increase that they voted for themselves?
  143. Do you think repealing the Alabama DROP Program was the right thing to do?
  144. Do you believe BP should be allowed to resume drilling in the Gulf?
  145. Does your county have at least one classroom with 1:1 laptop implementation? - COPY
  146. Does your county have at least one classroom PLANNING a 1:1 laptop implementation in the next 24 months? - COPY
  147. Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez?
  148. David Beckham or Drew Brees?
  149. Do products that donate a portion of sales going towards a charity influence your decision to purchase?
  150. Does Spiritualism need more Christians?
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