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  1. Do you think TheMindBB, a peer-to-peer self-help model is serving its goal to pool resources for the common benefit of our society?
  2. Do you agree with the Indiana Democrats staying away from the Indiana General Assembly to hold up legislation?
  3. Do you think rising inflation will force you to raise your prices?
  4. Due Date
  5. Did you enjoy your overall experience in completing the SC HBL lesson package?
  6. Do you approve of the Jake/Nessie Marriage and growth spurt?
  7. Does the Cody Chamber of Commerce help local small business?
  8. Did you miss Clinton in the comics? 8D
  9. Do you plan to watch the last launch of Space Shuttle Discovery?
  10. Do you believe participation in athletics has a postive impact on a student-athlete's performance in the classroom?
  11. Do you believe that youth sports (under the age of 13) are becoming too specialized?
  12. Dinner - 02/23
  13. Do you use your personal social media profiles to promote your place of business/employment or career?
  14. Does your company use social media?
  15. Do you support cuts to the education budget proposed in Gov. Rick Scott's plan?
  16. Danilo Gallinari è stato mandato a Denver nello scambio per Anthony. Notizia positiva o negativa per la carriera del giocatore italiano?
  17. Door smartboard zullen de studenten nooit meer zelf aantekeningen maken van de les
  18. Do you like the star limit as 4999 star ?
  19. Did you watch the NFC finals on SKY TV?
  20. Do you think the demonstrations currently occurring in the Middle East could spread to the United States?
  21. Desean que regrese Kimochiii aunque la base del sitio sea en inglés y haya que comenzar de cero?
  22. Do you find the CSR Connaisseurs blog interesting?
  23. Do you have any knowledge about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?
  24. Do You Want To See A MyGoldVault II
  25. Do you think Twin River should provide table games?
  26. Do you like this clan?
  27. Do these dates and location for the MPCA Billing Training work for you?
  28. Desde donde Ves ON-TV?
  29. Do you like the classic arena or the new team, elite, clan, and guild arenas?
  30. Do you like the features in Conquer (subclasses, titles, purification, etc.)
  31. Do you favor a ballot initiative this June calling for a vote on the state tax extension?
  32. Dinner Options:
  33. Do you want Birthdays to come back to our department?
  34. Do you perfer Flickr or Picasa for images sharing?
  35. Does the Health & Social Care Bill do enough to ensure a strong patient voice?
  36. Do you think Super Junior is gay?
  37. Do you agree with politicians in the UK, Europe and most recently Australia that multiculturalism has failed?
  38. Do you think there is sufficient Code Enforcement in Miami Lakes?
  39. Do you believe that Australias National Interests are threatened by participation in an increasingly globalised Asia Pacific?
  40. Dove finirà la stagione Carmelo Anthony? Where will Carmelo Anthony end the season?
  41. Do you think the Boys A Basketball Team will win in Ghana?
  42. Do you support this initiative ?
  43. Do you think Chris Meloni gets more handsome with age?
  44. Deve, ou não deve, o PSD decidir imediatamente o sentido de voto sobre a moção de censura do Bloco de Esquerda de 10 de Março de 2011?
  45. Do you think Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels will run for President in the next election?
  47. Do you consider using gels as a form of cheating during races?
  48. Do you want Geoff in the league in place of Josh Benjamin?
  49. Do smart phones help or hurt relationships?
  50. Do you think the student softball team will beat the faculty tomorrow?
  51. Do you agree on Toolbox Talks Program at MSOG?
  52. Do you think K2 and other cannabinoids should be legal?
  53. Dato for spisning
  54. Does my IP address show up on this poll?
  55. Do you like the new student room?
  56. Did you know that RDX removable disk technology is now available in multi-dock systems?
  57. Datum voor het hoedjesreunie feestje?
  58. Do you send emails to yourself from your same email account?
  59. Does your school do enough to prepare kids for college?
  60. Dupla MR Pong del año
  61. Do you like the new Lifehacker layout?
  62. Deidad del año
  63. Did You enjoy this Years Superbowl WIN by the Packers
  64. Do you feel that Arizonas immigration laws should go national?
  65. Do you think that Jimbo should exist?
  66. Day Three - Who shall be kicked.
  67. Day Two - Who shall be kicked.
  68. Do you believe in reincarnation?
  69. Do you agree with Dalton McGuinty's plan to hand out $30 million in scholarships to foreign students?
  70. Do you believe gays and lesbians should be afforded the Constitutional right to marry?
  71. Dog or Cat?
  72. Day One - Who shall be kicked.
  73. Do you think the TSIE program should be kept in its entirety?
  74. Do you want to play on the Scrums?
  75. Do you think Reizel has the most Chispa?
  76. Do you think Christina has the most Chispa?
  77. Do you think Erika has the most Chispa?
  78. Do you want to go to one or two parks on my Disneyland Super Cool Birthday Celebration?
  79. David Archuleta or Justin Bieber?
  80. Do you support current federal or state legislation to potentially regulate and legalize online sports wagering in lieu of current online wagering conditions?
  81. Do you believe the effect of legalizing online sports wagering would:
  82. Do you consider online poker wagering?
  83. Diver of the year?
  84. Do you approve of the Volturi/Nomad Main Storyline?
  85. Do you think MTBberkhamsted riders drink to much beer
  86. De entre todas las perlas de Mourinho, ¿con cuál te quedas?
  87. De cuales de estas famosas te gustaria que fuera nuestro proximo diseño?
  88. Does anyone care about that story Rigby just told?
  89. Do you want Liz to hold a review session before the Feb 8th test?
  90. Do you like the Greenshoes? :
  91. Do you think there should be a limit on the number of bars allowed downtown?
  92. Do you like to hear unsigned artists
  93. Do you like Seviers new Block Schedule?
  94. Do you (or someone from your company) plan to attend Deco 11 in Pittsburgh?
  95. Do you agree with the closure of Starbeck and Bilton libraries?
  96. Do you prefer cans or bottles?
  97. Do you watch the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials, or for the game?
  98. Do you think repealing Healthcare reform is a good idea?
  99. Do you like the Design of the website?
  100. Did you use a professional resume writer for your current resume?
  101. Do you think blogging helps your literacy skills?
  102. Do you feel that the current Federal Governments economic policies have helped the country?
  103. Do you think Phil & James Younghusband can help on establishing a PHL Premier League? How? Post your comments.
  104. Did you see I Am A Man? Tell Buffalo Rising readers what you think.
  105. Do You LIke The Website?
  106. Do you have a LinkedIn profile?
  107. Do you love the New Island Plumeria?
  108. Do you think DM needs forums?
  109. Do you own Call of Duty Black Ops?
  110. Do you think you need school to be successful?
  111. Dodgeball Team Name?
  112. Do you favor gun control?
  113. Din favoritöl i Thailand?
  114. Do you think that all White County and city employees salaries be posted so that anyone can view them at any time?
  115. Do you think that school uniforms would promote disipline and put all children on a more level social status?
  116. Do you think our economy is better or worse than it was 2 years ago?
  117. Does Indiana Beach contribute very much (economically) to White County?
  118. Do we need China to bring jobs to White County?
  119. Do you feel states should pass constitutional amendments, which Wisconsin is about to do, to lock in a photo ID requirement in order to vote?
  120. Do you agree with UFC brass treating Evan Dunham’s loss to Sean Sherk as a win?
  121. Do you have access to a video camera?
  122. Do you think the renovation project should be passed?
  123. Do you like my guest ranch news and opinions at the start of web page?
  124. Do you like my Trail Ride Texas news and opinions at the start of web page?
  125. Days that you can attend Satsang
  126. Depuis combien de temps souffrez-vous d'une hernie discale?
  127. Do you think that migrants moving to overcrowded megacities are treated as fairly as they could be?
  128. Do you think the pollution is a result ofthe overpopulation?
  129. Do you endorse recycling and composting?
  130. Do you think the rapidly increasing population of the world is becoming a problem?
  131. Do you think that the heated rhetoric used by politicians these days was an influencing factor on the Arizona shooter to commit the attack?
  132. Do you want STDs in the Mama Allpa HUD?
  133. Do you believe in global warming?
  134. Do you like living in crowded cities(example NYC)?
  135. Den alten, wahrscheinlich schon jedem bekannten, Holzkohle fressenden Elektrowummerern Tobsucht und Wenz war langweilig.... nun wird im Team aufgelegt und IHR bestimmt den Namen der Dödel!!
  136. Do you think adding passenger trains to the city of Winnipeg may be helpful towards many people?
  137. Din genomsnittliga Thailandsemester?
  138. Do you think a hot dog eating contest should be the first "BetchaCant"?
  139. Do you want to continue having Game of the Month in the Bulldog Beat?
  140. Do you have a favorite team?
  141. Do you have one favorite player?
  142. Do you watch NFL games even if your favorite player is not playing or is injured?
  143. Do you believe that the NFL is making positive strides by making new rules for players who have obtained a concussion?
  144. Do you agree with players being penalized and fined because of helmet-to-helmet hits?
  145. Does injuries, such as concussions, effect your enjoyment of watching an NFL game?
  146. Do you follow a specific MMA/UFC fighter?
  147. Do you own any MMA/UFC gear or memorabilia?
  148. Do you get business from social networking?
  149. Do you think the County is providing the best possible benefits (Medical, Rx, Sick Leave Pool, Short-term Disability, AirLife, $45K AD&D, etc.)
  150. Dead Horse Award (Most Talked-To-Death Topic)
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