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  1. Did you know that RDX removable disk technology has interchangeable, removable cartridges of various capacities
  2. Do you think Mark is funny?
  3. Do you approve Management of Calibre of Publicly maligning the name of Mustafa Mamuwala ?
  4. Do you like this website?
  5. Do you support the attempt to repeal of President Obamas health care laws?
  6. De las mas recientes produdcciones urbanas de "Varios Artistas" cual te ha gustado mas?
  7. Darts with "colored" feathers...(orange blue purple,yellow,green,etc.)... like-em......?
  8. Do you think your municipality did a good job plowing the streets after the recent snowstorm?
  9. Deena from Jersey Shore: Hot or Not?
  10. Did you make a New Years Resolution?
  11. Do you think Stephen is a hater?
  12. Do you already know HTML? (F 9:00)
  13. Do you already know HTML? (R 1:00)
  14. Do you use LinkedIn in any aspect of your recruiting?
  15. Do you like taking education courses electronically?
  16. dinner outings,which day do u prefer? : )
  17. Do you like Freebuild Creations are safe server?
  18. Do you already know HTML? (R 12:00)
  19. Die Anzeige des letzten Zuges auf www.chessmail.de finde ich...
  20. During the current economic conditions, are you employed?
  21. Dna vai er sathe apnara kar naam couple hishebe dekhte chan
  22. Do you regularly maintain your garden tools?
  23. Do you have confidence that Gov. Chafee and the new legislature will get the budget deficit under control?
  24. Dan Peterson nuovo allenatore di Milano: è la scelta giusta?
  25. Do you agree with Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard having an immediate rematch?
  26. Dinner For Schmucks
  27. Do you think 2011 will be a better year than 2010?
  28. Did you make a New Years resolution
  29. Do you like our website?
  30. Do you like the new version of SportsHaze?
  31. Do you have snow in your yard?
  32. Desde donde Ves ON-TV?
  33. Do you approve of the mating of Billy Black and Liseli Call?
  34. Do you think A Grade will go through undefeated for the second year in a row?
  35. Do you think the Pythons should lose their points for having Names and Numbers on their shirts??
  36. Do you currently own a welder?
  37. Do you regift?
  38. Do you like the Premium Slider new design interface idea?
  39. Do Men Prefer:
  40. Does "FORWARD CODY" really help Local Small Business Development?
  41. Do you think the Village Planning Board Accurately reflects the views of the residents ?
  42. Did you give or receive a Windows Phone 7 for Christmas?
  43. Does a bad beat put you on tilt?
  44. Do you prefer limit or nolimit?
  45. Do you wear poker-related apparel?
  46. Do you respect women poker players?
  47. Do you slow play AA?
  48. Did you have any conversations about MMA with your family and/or friends on Christmas?
  49. Dinner at Jayeshs place or hotel
  50. Does the union membership need a new president to fairly represent them and effectively lead the pathway to a greater union?
  51. Do you think the State Government is doing enough to manage water in South Australia?
  52. Da li smatrate da su mediji u RS-u korumpirani?
  53. Da li posjecujete internet portale Republike Srpske?
  54. Da li smatrate da politicari diktiraju sadrzaj medija u Republici Srpskoj?
  55. Da li smatrate da politicari diktiraju sadrzaj medija?
  56. Da li pratite medije u Republici Srpskoj?
  57. Dr. Gifford would like to host some QA sessions on various topics and he would like your input. What would you like to hear about?
  58. Do you like this Website
  59. Do you support creating a National Museum that would tell the stories of ALL of the American People?
  60. Do you approve of this Main Storyline for Denali/Cullens/Volturi?
  61. Do you think IT spending levels will change in 2011?
  62. Do you understand your payslip?
  63. De los actuales 10 primeros clasificados¿Cuáles crees que estarán mas arriba?
  64. De sneeuw is:
  65. Do you want chat back and KillSpammer as mod?
  66. Do you use ITIL?
  67. Did you see Dreamgirls? Share your rating with the Buffalo Rising audience.
  68. Do you support the START Treaty? (The Treaty was adopted)
  69. Do you support an Estate Tax?
  70. Do you like Kivanchi.Tumblr.Com
  71. Do you support the repeal of "Dont Ask, Dont Tell," which would allow gay men and women to openly serve in the armed forces?
  72. Do you travel out of town for the holidays?
  73. Do you support the $1.1 Trillion Omnibus Bill of 2010? (Bill now dead)
  74. Do you agree with the judge who ruled that the individual mandate in President Obama’s health care plan, requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance, is unconstitutional?
  75. Does UConn football coach Randy Edsall deserve a new contract now?
  76. Did you see A Little House Christmas? Share your rating with the Buffalo Rising audience.
  77. De estas opciones, ¿Qué es lo que más necesita la ciudad hoy?
  78. Do you make work-related New Years resolutions?
  79. Do you support Congressional Term Limits?
  80. Do you support the legalization of Marijuana?
  81. Do you support Gay Marriage?
  82. Do you support a ban of Earmarks (Pork) in Washington?
  83. Do you support the Public Option as it relates to Health Care?
  84. Do you believe the scientist who say Global Warming is real, and that it is man-made?
  85. Do you support a ban of lobbyist in Washington?
  86. Do you support repeal of the current Tax Code, and replacing it with the Fair Tax, or similar tax code?
  87. Do you support the Dream Act?
  88. Dominick Cruz and Scott Jorgensen square off tonight with two titles on the line. Who will become the final WEC and first ever UFC bantamweight champion, and how?
  89. Disparadores del año
  90. Descanso del año
  91. Do you support the Egyptian People?
  92. Do you visit the other Hentai Network sites?
  93. Do you know at least one of the TDM Change Advocates to support you during the MS Office 2010 rollout?
  94. Descubrimiento del año
  95. Do you like Mike Hartline?
  96. Do you intend to participate in MATIS Professional Development Workshops during Semester 2?
  97. Do you think Santa should remain on the flagpole?
  98. Do you support Oppositions demand for JPC for Telecom Scam ?
  99. Det er let at finde rundt i bibliotekets bogsamlinger?
  100. Do you approve of this Storyline: Katies power and marriage proposal?
  101. Dónde quiero comer antes de NoContenciosoGoneWild-KarakokeNight?
  102. Do you think Ames High was right in removing the holiday tree?
  103. Do you want to be overburdened with useless junk?
  104. Did you know that RDX technology is WORM capable?
  105. Deadbeat of the Year
  106. Do you like the new look of our website?
  107. Do you think Baby Elwood #3 is a...
  108. Do you believe in Santa? :o
  109. Did you see Our Song? Share your rating with the Buffalo Rising audience.
  110. Do you approve of this storyline: Sarahs Death
  111. Do you think that trees should have rights, like human beings?
  112. Did you see A Charlie Brown Christmas? Share your rating with the Buffalo Rising audience.
  113. Do Rangers need Kris Boyd?
  114. Do you pay full price when eating at PizzaExpress?
  115. Do you think Don Carcieri was a good Governor?
  116. Do major leaguers, both baseball & softball use LINEAR, ROTATIONAL, or a COMBINATION of both when talking about hitting mechanics.
  117. Date for lunch thing
  118. Do You Want Ralph Gonsalves to be Re-Elected?
  119. Dr. Dahl will hold an extra, optional review on Thursday, December 9 in 110 Harrington. What time do you prefer?
  120. Does the Law of Attraction play a role in your life?
  121. Do you give to charity?
  122. Do you know how much water can be saved by switching to a low-flow toilet? After clicking "vote," refresh the page to display the updated results.
  123. Do you know how much energy you can save by washing your clothes in cold water? After clicking "vote," refresh the page to display the updated results.
  124. Do you think overall business conditions will improve in 2011?
  125. Does James Loney deserve at least another year at 1B?
  126. Do you like the current Targetz logo?
  127. Do you know what percentage of the home’s annual energy bill goes to heating water? After clicking "Vote," refresh the new page to display the results.
  128. Do you agree with the UFCs release of Gerald Harris following his loss to Maiquel Falcao at UFC 123?
  129. Domain name
  130. Dafterparty date?
  131. Did you see James Joyce’s The Dead? Share your rating with the Buffalo Rising audience.
  132. Din cat in cat timp vreti sa fie PPVurile?
  133. Deixa aqui a tua opinião
  134. Die neuen Post Insights: Wieviel % Feedback erreichte Euer bester Beitrag?
  135. Do you like to eat butter?
  136. Did the Post Dispatch editorial department "Alter, Fix or Manipulate" end result of last weeks Punchline Cartoon Caption Contest? - COPY
  137. Do you want to have a lab trip ?
  138. Do you think what the most preferable idea, formed by Thai newspaper, about Khmer is ?
  139. Do you want a new Smallville season?
  140. Does too much paperwork given to teachers hurt the quality of education students receive?
  141. Does James Clarkin Shave His Mo or does it go ?
  142. Do you have a unibrow?
  143. Do you think Sandhill cranes should be hunted in Tennessee?
  144. Do you use Business Intelligence Tools to Analyse your data?
  145. Do you use Encryption on your Word Documents?
  146. Did Avery sucker-punch Smid?
  148. Do those new airline upclose & personal security measures make you queasy?
  149. Do you agree with Leeds Councils plans to close the long stay car parks around the Water Lane area of the city?
  150. Do you believe in different sorts of spaceships from other planets?
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