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  1. FINALS - Vote For The Top 3 Songs In The Next Wedding Classic
  2. Final Voting: Military Life
  3. Final Round: Supporters/Homefronters
  4. Final Round: Heros
  5. Facebook juror: jailed for eight months:
  6. Favorite DFW Championship
  7. Favorite Firework
  8. From both a domestic and world-wide view, how concerned are you about the future of your children and/or grandchildren?
  9. Favorite Ticket Character
  10. Final choice EuroPCom conference title
  11. FO Ramble Chollo Part2
  12. FO Ramble Cholla Last Round
  13. FO Ramble Chollo Part1
  14. Favorite show on The Ticket?
  15. F1QA Poll :: [NEW] Who is your favourite to win the 2011 Formula 1 World Drivers Championship?
  16. Funniest film?
  17. FB Frogs Election - 2011
  18. For this weeks sales promotion, would you rather have a TV or Cruise? Please vote below!
  19. Fordíthat még a Celtics a Heat ellen?
  20. Foto van dode Osama Bin Laden echt of nep?
  21. Film a Musical
  22. Favorite Newbie to the ATV E-Board
  23. Fede es el hijo perdido de Matías Ale?
  24. Flere studiepladser. Hvad foretrækker du?
  25. Fermare lespansione edilizia nel Parco Sud valorizzando la sua vocazione agricola.
  26. FINALS - Vote For The Winners Of TNMC 2011
  27. Fans bring Weapons! Who will win this No Disqualification Match for the RWA Heavyweight Championship?
  28. Favorite Nick Nicotine Song?
  29. Favorite Keton Katastrophe Song?
  30. Favorite ToxxikWhipLash Song?
  31. Favorite Tank Song?
  32. Favorite Alert The Captain Song?
  33. Favorite IBAV Song?
  34. Favorite Pants Party Song?
  35. Favorite Smile Samantha Smile Song?
  36. Favorite Clawz Up! Song?
  37. Favorite Crunkasaurus Song?
  38. Favorite show of the spring tour?
  39. Facebook is:
  40. Favorite building on campus?
  41. Favorite cartoon cat?
  42. Favorite cartoon dog?
  43. Funniest Member Of The Year (Award is given to the member who consistently gets the most rolling little yellow niggas.)
  44. Freakum Dress Award for Best Female Member (Award is given to the female member of the year. trannyb doesnt count!)
  45. Following the recent earthquake in Japan
  46. FINAL - quem vence?
  47. Freshman of the Year - Female
  48. Freshman of the Year - Male
  49. Faculty Member/Admin of the Year - Morehouse
  50. Facebook or Tumblr?
  51. From Hell with Love VS Prospero in Hell
  52. Funniest Editor
  53. Favorite frequent special guest, past or present? (minimum 10 appearances; non percussion)
  54. Favorite decade?
  55. Funniest Video
  56. Favorite part of the Juniors Dustbowl Cheer Routine?
  57. Försökte du komma in på HammerGuiders survival multiplayer server?
  58. For my next video, I'm using the song 'Long Live' by Taylor Swift. Should it be a tribute to Miley Cyrus, a tribute to Demi Lovato, a Jemi tribute (Joe Jonas + Demi Lovato) or a tribute to Niley (Nick Jonas + Miley Cyrus) ?
  59. Friday loot?
  60. Friday event
  61. Finns det funktioner/ information/knappar/ länkar som du saknar på vår sida?
  62. Fifth keeper?
  63. Favorite new song?
  64. For a change of pace and to get away from politics, how do you feel about tattoos on women that are visible when wearing regular street clothing (legs, ankles, shoulder, chest, arms, hands, etc.)?
  68. Filme para Quarta 09 de Março.
  69. For the upcoming Animation Contest, what audio options would you like to see for the most fun and fairness in voting.
  70. Final Score for Philippines Vs Mongolia on Game 2?
  71. Faster
  72. For the upcoming Animation Contest, what audio options would you like to see for the most fun and fairness in voting.
  73. For Homework #4 part 3, will you (honestly) do Option A or Option B? -------------------------------Option A: In a short essay of 50 words or less, please describe how a firm should respond to a prisoner's dilemma.------------------------Option B: In an essay of at least 200 words, please describe what makes a situation a prisoner's dilemma (be as specific as possible). this should include why it is called a dilemma, in what situations a prisoner's dilemma is common (e.g. price wars), and how a firm should respond to these situations.------------------------------------------------------Please select one of the responses below,
  74. Felajánlaná-e Ön a jövedelmének egy részét az államadósság csökkentésére, ha a kormány erre lehetőséget biztosítana?
  75. Faslube Pro
  76. Funniest Channy Story
  77. Flag the days which you consider suitable for the meeting
  78. Forjador del año
  79. Frase del año
  80. FORWARD CODY - has sold out Cody to - China and Globalization. (Walmart-Walgreens-Eleutian Technology...) - is this good for our Country?
  81. First Turnover of the Game will be:
  82. For the coming week of 02/07 - 02/11/11, I am:
  83. FH Landshut '11 - Wo soll gefeiert werden - Bauhaus oder Koi?
  84. Freshmen swimmer of the year?
  86. From where did you purchase your books this semester? (Choose all that apply.)
  87. Feb COTM!
  88. Für welche der 17 Dr. Oetker Ristorante-Sorten schlägt Ihr Herz am meisten?
  89. Fellas: Would you give up your traditional role as breadwinner and stay at home for the good of your family, even if your friends started calling you "Mr. Mom"?
  90. Follow up question for the people who voted on the poll above: are you a photo- grapher?
  91. Favourite song on BLAQ Style
  92. Funniest WAHM
  93. Finale: Stem op jouw favoriete frikandellen woord!
  94. Fellas: Would you give up your traditional role as breadwinner and stay at home for the good of your family, even if your friends started calling you "Mr. Mom"?
  95. Fans Favorite Moment of The Year
  96. Favorite Non-Potter Role
  97. Favorite Leaky Event
  98. Favorite J. K. Rowling News
  99. Favorite Harry Potter Twitterer
  100. Favorite HP Video
  101. For 2011 Sankrati/pongal potluck, would you like to get a Portland Desi band "Eshwar group"? This would be a nice entertainment for this get-together, with a little cost involved. Please vote ASAP.
  102. Fasıl nerede yapılsın
  103. Film production company name?
  104. Flush with cash, who should be the Yankees next signing?
  105. Favorite Show Topics (choose all that apply)
  106. For emergencies I currently have:
  107. For the year 2011, which reading plan would you rather see in the Daily Scripture page of this website?
  108. Funniest Moment Of The Year:
  109. Feud Of The Year:
  110. Frase codeless del año
  111. Feud of the Year
  112. Favorite Uncle
  113. Favorite Auntie
  114. Favorite Whiner
  115. Favorite S.O.S Award a.k.a Most Helpful Studiomate
  116. Favorite Bimbo
  117. Favorite Duo Of The Year - 09/10
  118. Favorite Mugger
  119. Favorite Infectious Laughter
  120. Female of the Year
  121. Female R&B Artist
  122. Female Hip Hop Artist
  123. Fashion Poll: Who wore it Best??
  124. For 2011, my main focus is to:
  125. Fazer uma viagem com o Rui seria....
  126. Fourways Christmas Meal - chef Melanie, assistant Spen!! You can vote for as many dishes as you like and you can vote as often as you want!!! Please select you favourite menu:
  127. Five years ago today, Jose Aldo lost for the first time. Who will be next to beat him?
  128. FINAL 2010
  129. Foig of the week round 2!
  130. FTVLives Media Mash! Which TV Newsie is Hotter?
  131. Facebook Addict
  132. F1QA Poll :: Who deserved to win the 2010 World Drivers Championship?
  133. FM - all groups
  134. F4E NEEDS MORE...
  135. FTVLives Media Mash! Which TV Newsie is Hotter?
  136. Fashion Poll: Who wore it Best??
  137. Fans Pick the Match: Hades vs Brubaker III on 12/4 Should Be:
  138. For Spring 2011, when would ESC Representatives like for general meetings to take place?
  139. Favorite Story Of xXMeXx627?
  140. Frage 2: Umfrage beendet. Danke!
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