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  1. Was soll ich behalten?
  2. Who do you think is the Black Sheep in Vettai?
  3. Would you like me to talk in future videos and updates on my second channel Dq231cp?
  4. Will individual tax slabs be raised in the Union Budget?
  5. Will the NFL have a lockout and miss games this upcoming season?
  6. Who will the Carolina Panthers select with the first pick in the NFL Draft?
  7. Which of these teams, declared favorites by the Stat Geek, has the best chance to actually win a state title?
  8. Who will win the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix?
  9. Who is the top pound for pound fighter in MMA?
  10. Whats up in Madison, WI?
  11. What is your browser of choice?
  12. What industry do you work in?
  13. Which is your favorite radio station?
  14. What’s the biggest momentum-shifting moment in a game?
  16. Which is the best college basketball player of the 2000s?
  17. Would you rather have to say everything on your mind or never speak again?
  18. Which movie should win the Oscar for BEST ANIMATED FILM?
  19. What kind of foster home should the children be placed in?
  20. What are your favorite sections of CPM? (select 1 or more)
  21. Which actress should win the Oscar for BEST ACTRESS at the Academy Awards?
  22. Which actor should win the Oscar for BEST ACTOR at the Academy Awards?
  23. Which movie should win the Oscar for BEST PICTURE at the Academy Awards?
  24. What call will be your "main"?
  25. Would you like this site back?
  26. Welke 2 communicatiemiddelen gebruik je het meest?
  27. Where should the City Market be permanently located?
  28. Winner of this voting session is our Class Song!!! (Remember We NEED High Energy to ROCK THE HOUSE!!!)
  29. What type of financial aid do you receive?
  30. Which Band, Historical or Current, Would You Most Like to See Beaten to Death by Dick Butkus and Ed Sprinkle
  31. Would you give up sex for a year in exchange for losing 30 pounds?
  32. Which banana chips us the real deal
  33. Who do you think will win the dust-up in Wisconsin, Governor Clark or the public employee unions?
  34. What disease or health issue do you want the "natural cure" for?
  35. Who will win the Boys 4A title?
  36. Where would you like the March 12 SMUGr meeting to be? (Please only vote if youre bringing a Makerbot, as this meeting is to win the Makerbot contest)
  37. What's your favourite name for the Production Event?
  38. Who is the best female athlete in the area?
  39. Wird die Diözese Linz die islamischen Frauenschwimmtage in den Räumlichkeiten der katholischen PädAk Linz beenden?
  40. wat vind je van de site en de radio
  41. What would you like to do for our DRAGON SOCIAL???
  42. Where would you like the Sheffield 15th Anniversary Gathering to take place?
  43. Who/What needs to JUST GO AWAY?
  44. What song should I do for my next cover?
  45. Where should the City Market be permanently located?
  46. What article would you like to see next at Consumer Explorer? Beer or Chocolate? Please vote, the winner will be featured in April.
  47. Where should we poll this week?
  48. What is your opinion of the Students Come First education reform package proposed by Idaho Supt. Tom Luna and Gov. Butch Otter?
  49. What month would you like to have the reunion?
  50. Would you like to make MOVE Leadership Retreat into a non-profit organization?
  51. Which SOTS Remix should be released on HSRRMX001?
  52. Which one of the Baby Models is your favorite?
  53. Would you be willing to participate in a Photography Contest to have your pics published on our Web Page, Flickr and Facebook?
  54. Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?
  55. Which one of the Baby Models is your favorite?
  56. Who was the first person to invent the telephone?
  57. Will the Varsity Boys win the Regional this week?
  58. Who made the better trick shot video?
  59. Would you buy a $40 LED bulb?
  60. Would you like to setup polls on your website?
  61. What segment of the beer category will have the most success this year?
  62. Welke 2 varianten van het tenue vind je het mooist?
  63. Who won the battle?
  64. who looks most like justin bieber?
  65. Webcomics: Round 6
  66. Writers: Round 6
  67. Whose shirt design do you like the most?
  68. What does your company do for its website?
  69. who is your current favorite wwe/tna superstar
  70. Welke URBAN DEEJAY wil jij graag op Xbeach Festival?
  71. Welke DUBSTEP/DRUMNBASS DEEJAY wil jij graag op Xbeach Festival?
  72. Welke COMMERCIëLE DEEJAY wil jij graag op Xbeach Festival?
  73. Welke LIVE DEEJAY ACT wil jij graag op Xbeach Festival?
  74. Welke ROCKGROEP wil jij graag op Xbeach Festival?
  75. Which NM photography company is the best?
  76. Who had the best PS1 entry for 2011?
  77. Who spit the hottest verse?
  78. Which is better?
  79. Which film do you think should win Best Picture at the Oscars this year?
  80. What are you most looking forward to when Spring finally arrives?
  81. Which Restaurant? Strictly choose only TWO (2) from the choices. WALAY GARA-GARA! (LUNCH & DINNER) Remember the budget for the meals is P150. If daghan sobra sa ato foods then maybe naa surprise :D
  82. Will you be riding the Fayetteville Loop ride on April 9?
  83. Will you be riding the Richmond/Simonton/Wallis ride on April 2?
  84. Will you be riding the Shepherd/Coldspring Loops ride on March 26?
  85. Will you be riding the Bellville - Chappell Hill ride on March 19?
  86. Will you be riding the Cat Springs/New Ulm ride on March 12?
  87. Will you be riding the Montgomery/Richards/Anderson ride on March 5?
  88. Would you buy "fake/look a like" Alexander Wang shoes?
  89. Which App Icon do you like better for our almost complete game Gemcraft
  90. What Disney Movie Do You Wanna See?
  91. Which photo should be Photo of the Week?
  92. What color should I choose that will suit best with purple for a theme?
  93. Which political move was worse?
  94. What is your favorite cup of Coffee in Ridgewood ?
  95. Wie gefällt euch unser Posterous-Gruppenblog? Wie kommt ihr damit zurecht?
  96. Who deserves the $500?
  97. Who will leave Australia possessing UFC 170-pound No. 1 contendership?
  98. What will be the outcome of Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera at UFC 127?
  99. Which fighter is most likely to win “Submission of the Night” honors at UFC 127?
  100. Which UFC 127 bout has the most “Fight of the Night” potential?
  101. Which UFC newcomer will make the biggest splash at UFC 127?
  102. Whom do you consider to be the greatest mixed martial artist of all time?
  103. Would you apply to a course on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) if one were available at your university?
  104. Which dunk is the best of the year so far?
  105. Welke "Lucky Number Seven" wil jij deze week horen?!
  106. Who is the best shooter in the area?
  107. Winters Bone
  108. Which Randolph County sporting event will you attend this weekend?
  109. Would you use wellness services (yoga, relaxation, massage, fitness classes, etc.) more than you do now, if they were in the same building as patient care services (such as Student Health and Counseling and Psychological Services)?
  110. What do you like best about the clan?
  111. What's the best way to protect the HOPE Scholarship?
  112. Wie is het Brabants Dagblad Tonproat Talent?
  113. Which item should be coordinated next week?
  114. Which movie should the Movie Show review for the 20th episode?
  115. Who Will Win
  116. Who will win the next round of Radio 104s Cover Wars?
  117. What Would You Rather Achieve?
  118. Which Restaurant will we visit on March 4th?
  119. Welchen Messenger benutzt du auf deinem Smartphone? (Link bitte weitersenden damit wir ein großes Ergebnis bekommen) - COPY
  120. What is your favourite everyday car make?
  121. Where would you prefer this F5B99 Reunion trip to be held?
  122. Which WiFi network do you use on campus?
  123. What weekend works best for you for family pictures? Please choose your top three choices.
  124. Will Eau Claire Memorial win the boys WIAA state hockey championship this season?
  125. Which of these compliance standards are you required to adhere to?
  126. What is taught in your Childs School?
  127. What should the group be called from now on?
  128. Wild Card
  129. Who was the King of Saddleback?
  130. Which Video Entry Do You Like?
  131. Which Photo Entry Do You Like? - COPY
  133. Where would you prefer to have our Graduation Party?
  134. Who will win the National League?
  135. What game do you want to play on Vote Day 1?
  136. Will putting GPs in control of commissioning put individuals at the heart of decisions about their healthcare?
  137. Where are the markets headed in the near term ?
  138. Wie verdient er een wildcard voor de Tapelifters League 2011? VOTE NU
  139. What would you prefer for CITYHERO V cueball Tournaments
  140. Will you attend the 2011 Gathering in Denver this July?
  141. What are your thoughts about the "Huddy" (House & Cuddy) relationship?
  142. What part of the world would you like to see a Myztery concert in?
  143. Which service provider(s) of the KDE Plasma data engine PublicTransport do you use?
  144. Would you like me to continue to work on this website
  145. What should our team name be?
  146. Which proof do you like better?
  147. Webcomics: Round 5
  148. Writers: Round 5
  149. Would you buy a Coffee Friday shirt?
  150. Which option of shirt would you like?
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