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  1. Who was the BEST DEFENDER of the Soccer Season?
  2. Who was the BEST GOALKEEPER of the Soccer Season?
  3. Who was the BEST COACH of the Soccer Season?
  4. Who was the BEST MANAGER of the Soccer Season?
  5. Whos Going to win?
  6. Whos Going to Win ?
  8. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
  9. Who should be the next President of Zimbabwe
  10. What Is Your Race?
  11. Wat would you expect of a privacy respecting ICT school?
  12. What is your age range?
  13. Would you like the clocks to move forward permanently ?
  14. What is a similar product for Butterfly Tennergy 05
  15. Who should compete in the Monkey Tennis Skill-Skool?
  16. What do you think should be the next steps for Soccer in Alberta?
  17. Which is Keenan Cahills best video?
  18. Would you participate in a DragonRealms Secret Santa Exchange?
  19. Welke Gaga look wil jij "nagemaakt" zien?
  20. Which team has the best chance to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl?
  21. What is your favorite special flavor of ice cream?
  22. What movie would you like to watch? Please search imdb.com for a movie review and rating, if you havent heard of the movie.
  23. Who has the best 25 Book Campaign Animation?
  24. Welk bier voor de biertap op de barmeeting?
  25. Who has the best Mid-Movember Moustache?
  26. What is your preferred method of consuming cannabis?
  27. Who do u think will win?
  28. What has been the biggest University Star story so far this year?
  29. Which is the best band name?
  30. Which Autobot kicks more tailpipe?
  31. What do you want to read more of?
  32. Would you go to a formal winter dance if the price for tickets was $8-10? (Food provided)
  33. What time would you like to have this event?
  34. Which Autobot should be the victor?
  35. What week would you like to see this summer
  36. What night is good for girls holiday get together? (Check all dates that work, the one with the most votes wins. If you dont prefer a date, dont vote for it!)
  37. Who do you think will win the Middle Border Boys basketball championship this season?
  38. What topics would you most like to see next semester? You may select as many as you wish.
  39. What Think About This Site...?
  40. Who do you think will win the Gold Final?
  41. Who do you think will win the Bronze Final?
  42. What dates works for you for a RHMS meetup? (Choose as many as you want)
  43. Would your teenager get you the Shower Manager for Christmas?
  44. What Phone Should I Get?
  45. Which itemed should be coordinated in the 5th ed of One 7 Ways
  46. Which actor should play Tony Montana in the movie Scarface II?
  47. What’s your top priority for January?
  48. Which Autobot do you want to hug?
  49. Which Autobot or Maximal deserves to win the gift certificate to Applebees?
  50. Who is your bet for Ms. CICT 2011?
  51. Which song is yr winner?
  52. Who is your bet for Mr. CICT 2011?
  53. Would you rather the tournament start the week immediately following thanksgiving break, or have a week in between thanksgiving break and the start of the tourney?
  54. Would you be interested in a westwood starcraft/starcraft tourney tshirt? It would probably cost about 10 dollars, and is optional
  55. Would you be interested in joining a westwood starcraft clan? It would involve practice matches, possibly clan battles with other clans, and other fun things.
  56. What game should we play on Nov. 18th 2010?
  57. What is your preferred way to receive department store promotions and coupons?
  58. When looking for a new job in the industry which resource do you prefer to use?
  59. Which musical should we go and see?
  60. What should we name the new show?
  61. What do you want as Christmas Gift?
  62. What has SHOCKED you the most so far in Season 3?
  63. Which side dish(s) do you want?
  64. Which day(s) work for you for the 2010 Christmas SOTMI? (choose as many as you can)
  65. Which movie would you like to see? :) This poll ends on this Wednesday at 23:59:59!
  66. Which Autobot is more bodacious?
  67. Who is your favourite mam?
  68. Who should fight Pacquiao next?
  69. Which Classic Christmas Special would you like to watch on December 2nd? (pick two!)
  70. What is your favorite vacation spot?
  71. What is your favorite lunch meal?
  72. What is your favorite way to waste your time?
  73. What is your ideal date setting?
  74. What is your favorite subject?
  75. What sport would you like to try?
  76. Which film(s) would you like us to take over Christmas?
  77. What should we watch on Wednesdays?
  78. What is your favorite Camp Crosley campfire skit?
  79. What do you think of the comic so far?
  80. Which former champion gets back on track at UFC 123?
  81. Which outcome is more likely to be repeated at UFC 123?
  82. Which newcomer will make the biggest splash at UFC 123?
  83. Which UFC 123 main card bout has the most “Fight of the Night” potential?
  84. With a win over Joe Lauzon at UFC 123, should George Sotiropoulos be awarded a lightweight title shot?
  85. What are your favorite "Behind the Mirror" Songs? (please select two options)
  86. Which pic should be named Photo of the Week?
  87. Whats YOUR favorite Aquavibe song??
  88. What kind of Reunion event would you participate in?
  89. What Character can you not stand/ dislike/ are annoyed by?
  90. Would you favor elimination of some federal cabinet-level departments as one way to reduce the size of the government?
  91. Whose the new VP of TPP?
  92. Who would win the rematch?
  93. Which shirt option do you like best?
  94. Which Autobot is radder?
  95. Which country has the most effective military camo pattern for desert region operations in Afganistan?
  96. What should we do for the last Japanologist event of term, and when?
  97. Who is the WHS Defensive player of week 11?
  98. Who is the WHS Offensive player of week 11?
  99. What is your preferred date for Christmas in the Court 2010?
  100. What has been your favorite site event so far?
  101. Which Resume design is your favorite?
  102. Who won on your scorecard?
  103. What did you think of Aubreys Cherry Pop performance?
  104. Who Will Win?
  105. What will Sam most likely receive from her Secret Santa?
  106. What should I name my sewing machine?
  107. What is your favorite map so far on Black Ops?
  108. When do you predict Baby will arrive?
  109. Which Tablet are You Most Interested in as a CIO?
  110. What is your favorite South American country?
  111. What is your favorite Streisand movie?
  112. What DC woman should Dick Grayson have a relationship with?
  113. What color will be best for our T-shirt?
  114. What is your favourite film genre?
  115. What is the most greatest Telecom network in Sri Lanka?
  116. What is your favourite subject?
  117. Who should win Loyolas Got Talent?
  118. Who do you think will win the Big Rivers Conference boys basketball championship this season?
  119. What would you rate TheDodgerPedia.com?
  120. Which is the biggest Boston sports icon today?
  121. Who has the best mustache so far?
  122. Which prime time MIAA player will you most miss watching this season?
  123. What’s the most awesome?
  124. Why are you participating in "Off to a Good Start" - Powerful Tools for Young Learners with Gail Lovely?
  125. Would you like the due date for the Avaya assignment to be postponed?
  126. What should Peetrees new nickname be?
  127. Would you like to setup polls on your website?
  128. Worst TV News Dept in Wilmington Area?
  129. What would you rather be:
  130. What Indiana college team do you think will do well/go far this basktball season?
  131. Whose template is going on AngusNeedsaKidney.co.nz?
  132. When would you like to start hearing Christmas music on 98.3 WPKO?
  133. Which is your favourite Charter Place taxi?
  134. Which beards have you or your man sported?
  135. Would you like a Monster Jam date night Jan 13th or would you like a Wrestlemania date night April 3rd(keep in mind this is the day after lost)
  136. Where do you want to go for our Xmas Party?
  137. What dollar amount would you be willing to spend as part of the OD Kris Kringle project?
  138. Who do you think should win Mr Rice Queen in the LOTUS AWARDS 2010?
  139. Would you like to see a live performance by Pure "Let Ya Body Talk"?
  140. When should SAMPA have the brunch
  141. Where should SAMPA hold the brunch?
  142. Would you participate in the next Walk and Bike to Sartartia Middle School?
  143. Will Cam Newton Win The Heisman Trophy
  144. Were you surprised by the mid-season firing of Dallas Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips?
  145. Which match are you most looking forward to seeing at FTW LIVIN ON THE EDGE?
  146. Who Deserves the Upcoming Foig of the Week?
  147. Who should Marifia dedicate the yearbook to?
  148. What is your favorite thing to do on Facebook?
  149. Who is the best character from Star Trek: The Explorations of the USS Intrepid?
  150. Which is the best Canadian Province?
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