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  1. Which UFC newcomer will win on Saturday in Las Vegas?
  2. What will be the outcome of Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson at UFC 130?
  3. Welke Belgische Royal heeft het beste golfterrein?
  4. Was CFC right to announce Ancelotti's departure so quickly?
  5. Who will win Womens Tricks at the 2011 Masters?
  6. Who will win Mens Tricks at the 2011 Masters?
  7. Who will win Womens Jump at the 2011 Masters?
  8. Who will win Mens Jump at the 2011 Masters?
  9. Who will win Womens Slalom at the 2011 Masters?
  10. Who will win the Mens Slalom event at the 2011 Masters?
  11. Who should win our Editing Contest?
  12. What hair style should Gaz go for?
  13. Which hair style should Will go for?
  14. What Clan is Better?
  15. What is your favorite feature on your face?
  16. What song should I sing?
  17. Who is your player of the year ?
  18. What name is the best?
  19. Would you like to have training during weekend game?
  20. Which would you rather watch?
  21. Which is the best?
  22. Which One Is The Most Touching Photo?
  23. Who "iFlipped" The Sample Best of These 8 Finalists?
  24. What is the maximum number of times you would like to be alerted per week?
  25. Which Badge Is Your Favorite?
  26. Which Exhibit is your favourite?
  27. What will the NBA Finals look like?
  28. What is your favorite Force Factor slogan?
  29. Who will make the first league ton of 2011?
  30. What are your thoughts on the potential closing of the Lima Army Tank Plant (also known as the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center) where the M-1 Abrams Tank is manufactured? The doors may potentially be closed at the Ohio facility for three years from 2013-2016, in an effort to save costs.
  31. Which of the following games is your favourite?
  32. Where is your favorite Mexican food?
  33. When do you want the Liberal Leadership?
  34. Which of the following electronic media sources do you rely on most to bring you the most balanced and accurate national and international news?
  35. Where would you attend a webOS developer event in the South Central U.S.?
  36. who will WIN ?
  37. Welches unserer Gewinnerplakate ist das Schönste?
  38. We will switch to timedoctor for time keeping, automatic daily reports, auto payroll, project/task management. starting May 23, 2011, Monday. react.
  39. What movie should we watch in June? (choose as many as you like)
  40. What CHALLENGE would you like to see FIRST?
  41. When should class be ?
  42. What do you use this website for the most?
  43. Who are the three most powerful leaders in America?
  44. What time, in the morning, is it acceptable to start the lawn mower, let out barking dog, honk car horn, etc?
  45. Who is your favorite Avenger from Season One?
  46. Who do you think deserves to be the first Astig Member of the week? :)
  47. Who has your favorite car commercial running right now?
  48. Was it generous of the Canadian government to create unemployment relief camps for victims of the Great Depression? - COPY
  49. What are your plans for this summer?
  50. Who Uglydoll Video Maker Do You Like The Best
  51. Who will win the race?
  52. Where should we poll this week?
  53. Which design do you want to see on your New Student Orientation t-shirt?
  54. What is the coolest type of "Boarding"?
  55. Who advances in the Sithole Regional?
  56. Who advances in the Sithole Regional?
  57. Welke naam moet de polyvalente zaal dragen?
  58. What is your favourite mobile OS?
  59. Would you like to spend $1,600.00 from the class treasury to print the Senior Section of the 2012 Yearbook in color?
  60. Will you be able to join the class on this Thur.?
  61. Where do you see the markets going from these levels in 2011?
  62. Which Tournaments Would DpG Like to Particpate In?
  63. Which play from Episode 3 is the best?
  64. Which one thing do you think Affiliate Networks can improve?
  65. Which tech tools do you prefer to use for completing assignments in an online class? (select all that apply)
  66. What is your favorite Networking website?
  67. What Madison-area restaurant or bar has the best burger(s)?
  68. What do you think of this new song from Beckah Shae called Put Your Love Glasses On?
  69. What is your general opinion of "Obamacare" since its passage?
  70. Who Has Been Manchester United's Player of the Season?
  71. Who do you think should have won Eurovision 2011?
  72. Who will be the winner between Hooligans United and Los Ponies (a.k.a Lost Panties)?
  73. What will be the stipulation for The Misfits vs. Burning Bush 2k11?
  74. What will be the stipulation for The Dynasty vs. Rollerblade?
  75. What will be the stipulation for The Winant Brothers vs. The Knightwings?
  76. Who advances in the Bulltron Regional?
  77. Who advances in the Bulltron Regional?
  78. Which of these names would you like for us to be known by?
  79. Who is the greatest soprano of all time?
  80. Which President Should Be The 2011 March Madness Winner?
  81. Weirdest film?
  82. Warpath Vs Suspense - Who Won?
  83. What will be the outcome of tonight’s Bellator Season 4 featherweight tournament final between Patricio “Pitbull” Freire and Daniel Straus?
  84. Who will become Bellator’s first 205-pound champion on Saturday?
  85. Who wins tonight’s “MMA Live” welterweight main event in London, Ontario, Canada?
  86. Which team will the winner of “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 13 come from?
  87. Wie pakt de gouden schoen?
  88. Which Subject Is Your Favorite?
  89. Who will win the World Title TLC Match on June 4th?
  90. Would you like a sequel?
  91. Welcher Song ist euer absoluter Lieblingssong von GEIST?
  92. What do think the Day Twins will be?
  93. We will be doing CN Blue Bracelets after our hiatus! Should they be 1/2 inch or 1 inch?
  94. Would you be interested in purchasing a customized battery door for your device?
  95. Who advances in the Bulltron Regional?
  96. Who advances in the Bulltron Regional?
  97. What should Anonymous' next target be?
  98. Who should be our next Miss Galactic Empires?
  99. Who should be our next Mister Galactic Empires?
  100. What is the most important issue facing Medicaid today?
  101. Wie pakt de meeste kaarten?
  102. Who won battle 11.2?
  103. What would you like to see in MW3 MP?
  104. Which question would you most like to be answered by a P&G expert at the P&G Summer Spa?
  105. Who wins at UFC 131: Shane Carwin or Junior Dos Santos?
  106. Will Brock Lesnar come back from his second bout with Diverticulitis?
  107. What National Movie Awards look do you like best?
  108. Which movie should we review next?
  109. Who is your favorite TechKneek editor?
  110. When should we have Velocity?
  111. Welchen Kapuzenpulli würdest du kaufen?
  112. Welche SCL Tigers Fahne würdest du kaufen?
  113. Would You Watch A X-Men: First Class Web Series?
  114. Which HTC HyperWorks training session interests you most?
  115. When do you enjoy your garden the most?
  116. What should we name the "Paralyser"
  117. Who do you think will get voted off American Idol tonight?
  118. What do you think about Martin Countys stray dog problem?
  119. Was the government right in forcing Canadian's conscription in WWII?
  120. Which E3 2011 games are you most looking forward to? (Pt.3)
  121. Which E3 2011 games are you most looking forward to? (Pt.2)
  122. Which E3 2011 games are you most looking forward to? (Pt.1)
  123. wie gaat er winnen? Ajax of FC Twente
  124. What afternoon is good for a BBQ? (Check all dates that work, the one with the most votes wins. If you dont prefer a date, dont vote for it!)
  125. Was it fair that Japanese Canadians got kicked out of their homes, lost their jobs, and the right to education in Canada, after Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941?
  126. Would you wear a Tattersalls Club lapel badge?
  127. Which of the four horsemen should be drawn first?
  128. Whats your favorite reality talent show?
  129. Who were the 3 highest-ranking boys in our graduating class?
  130. What June movies do you want to see?
  131. which of the following reason do you think had to biggest impact of John Diefenbakers conservative government winning the election in 1958?
  132. Who rocked the best music for this round?
  133. Who do you think is the ultimate Hero of Brighton & Hove?
  134. Was können wir bei unserem nächsten Interaktiven Hörspiel besser machen?
  135. What would you like to win most during the raffle?
  136. Which new song do you think should be added to rotation?
  137. What would you like to do on our reunion night? Please leave a wee comment below with any opinions.
  138. When you paddle out - What do you like to do?
  139. Where should we poll this week?
  140. What motivates you more?
  141. Which song should be played Tuesday May 17th on Micks Picks?
  142. When Is everyone free?
  143. What Is The Best PS3 Feature?
  144. Was the internment of Japanese Canadians after the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 a justifyable action?
  145. What was the New Democratic Party once called?
  146. Would you be brave enough to do your own wedding makeup like Kate Middleton?
  147. Who should be the blogger of the month?
  148. Which Boys Team Results Page Has Drawn the Most Interest on Gerber Analytics?
  149. Which phone features from the list below would you find most important/useful when searching for a phone deal?
  150. Which mormon candidate is better looking?
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